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Programs and Services

Village programs comprise a full range of services and activities that provide the practical help Capitol Hill residences need to live safely and comfortably in their own homes as they grow older, as well as the educational, cultural, and social opportunities to live full lives, actively engaged in the Capitol Hill community. CHV has evolved as a dynamic, community-based organization to serve an optimistic and resourceful constituency of Hill residents determined to find creative ways to live fully and productively throughout their lives. Any of us, at any age, might hesitate to ask our family, friends, and neighbors to help with routine chores and unexpected emergencies. With Capitol Hill Village, convenient help is an easy phone call away.

Volunteer & Vendor Services

Capitol Hill Village follows a “volunteer-first” policy. When a request for information or help comes to the office, we look first for a volunteer to respond. Our cadre of several hundred volunteers is ready to address members’ routine needs and requests, such as rides to stores and doctors’ appointments, light gardening, computer assistance, home checks when you are away, and other convenience services that make life a little easier and less stressful. Our Village Connection program pairs members who wish to have ongoing assistance on a regular basis with volunteers who serve as advocate, liaison, and person they can turn to for help with daily tasks. For home maintenance and repair or in-home personal health care, professional help or a commercial vendor is usually required. The Village maintains a list of “vetted” vendors, which is updated by volunteers who call back to members for a report on how a particular vendor performed. The initial contact is made through the Village, but members are responsible for the cost incurred by the work done by a vendor. The Village also encourages its members to plan for the future, when the inevitable consequences of aging bring changes that require us to seek the help of others. Our “Be-Prepared” agenda includes a list of recommendations that address the legal, financial, and health issues all of us confront as a necessary part of late-life planning.

Social & Cultural Activities

Studies have confirmed that most people are happier when fully engaged in community life, socializing with others on a regular basis. The Village offers a monthly calendar of events and programs designed to provide stimulating cultural activities, foster friendships, and nurture a healthy life-style. As the Village evolved, some members discovered they had particular interests in common, from opera and theater to physical fitness and reading books. On the initiative of members themselves, groups have been formed to offer regular get-togethers for meetings and outings. It’s fun to see a movie or read a book but sharing the experience with a congenial group of friends, and talking about it afterwards, enhances the pleasure.

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